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The Website of the English Shotokan Academy
Website of the Kase Ha Academy
The Scottish Karate Academy
Cossack Karate Academy, Club of Sensei Mike Fedyk (7th Dan)
Shotokan Karate Magazine
The website of Kazoku Kia International
Website of Sensei Julian Mead and the Ryukyu Kobujutsu Association GB
Website of the Karate Union of Great Britian



West Lancs Academy 15th Anniversary DVD
Steve Cattle Karate Demonstration clip 1, 1994 ESA Nationals, Bradford with Sensei Rob Willis and Sensei John Barnes

Steve Cattle Karate Demonstration clip 2,1985 Southport with Sensei Kenny Hampson

Steve Cattle. Hangetsu Kata

Steve Cattle and Sensei Kase vintage footage

Esa Residential Course at Lilleshall






"Sensei Willis and junior member with
Sensei Kanazawa and Sensei Murakami"

"Sensei Willis and Sensei Morio Higaonna"


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