Sensei Steve Cattle first fought in a karate competition in 1966 and stopped competing in 1989. In 1971 he was British all styles champion and also KUGB national kumite champion twice, in 1974 and 1981. Steve won countless other placings and was a member of the KUGB national team for many years. He believed strongly that, although it wasn't the backbone of karate, competitions, both kata and kumite, had immense benefit to students.

Sensei Rob Willis entered his first tournament in 1981 but it wasn't until 1984 that he achieved a placing, taking two trophies in the same event, one for kata and one for kumite. During the following fifteen years Rob took numerous other medal placings in regional, national and open events before retiring in 1997.

The birth of the Southport Karate Academy formerly West Lancs Academy saw a return, along with old colleague Gordon Galley, to represent the club at the ESA Nationals and a third place position. Two years later, in 2003, Sensei Lennon joined the team and again the club reached third place, but Rob went on to take a creditable fourth in the Senior Individual Kata, some twenty years after winning his first trophy. 2004 allowed Rob to win a third place kata in the Northern Open and take team 2nd place at the ESA Nationals. By 2005 Rob finally retired but not before again taking a team third at the ESA Nationals and a Senior Kata third. Despite having retired from competition twice already, Rob returned for one final outing in 2012, leading the victorious West Lancs team to fight for the BSK Team Kumite title.

But its the members of the Southport Karate Academy who have really shone in the competition arena. In a little over eight years they have collectively amassed over 200 trophies, including 50 first place wins from Regional, National and Open events, with two members even selected for International duty against Ireland. At the 2005 ESA Nationals the members took a third of the trophies available and twice as many as the next club. In 2006 the West Lancs Senior men’s team were crowned Northern Open Champions and North West Open Champions, building on a reputation that has never seen them fail to take a podium spot in the team kumite event at the ESA Nationals.

2008 saw the then West Lancs team crowned as North West Open Team Kata Champions, proving that Kumite is not the club's only strength.

On the strength of such outstanding performances, the club introduced its own mini tournament in 2005, designed specifically for members only, to provide an easily accessible introduction to competitive karate for students who one day it is hoped will continue the legacy. This has proved very successful, particularly for the junior students who sometimes cannot gain ready access to larger open events.

Club members are not required to enter competitions, it is by no means compulsory and there is never any pressure to do so. But those who have elected to enter have excelled.






BSK Nationals. 8 Medal placings (Team of Matt Schofield, Luke Holt and Harry Winrow gain 2nd place in Kumite)


ESA National Kata Competition. 6 placings including winning Team Kata


ESA National Kata Competition. 9 placings (Hayley Willis wins Senior Title)


BSK Nationals, 2 Medal placings. (Men’s Team Kumite of Rob Willis, Steve Trussell and Dave Tarjomi 1st place)


BKA National Championships. 3 medal Placings.


KUGB Open Memorial Tournament. (Ryan Bevington reaches last 8 in Junior Kata)
North West Open Classic Tournament. - 3 placings.(Team Kata Champions)
BKA National Championships - 2 placings


3rd Annual WLKA Competition, opened to other clubs 62 entries


BKA Northern Open Championships - 11 trophies,(Team of Steve Trussell, Dave Tarjomi and Carl Booth become Kumite Champions)
North West Open Kata Comp - 4 trophies.
Northern Open Classic Kumite Championships - 3 Placings. (Team of Steve Trussell, Dave Tarjomi and Ian Challinor become Kumite Champions)
2nd annual WLKA Club Competition - 50 enter.
ESA Nationals - 17 trophies, including 2 first places.(Team of Steve Trussell, Dave Tarjomi and Carl Booth gain 2nd place in Kumite)


Northern Open Classic tournament - 2 trophies
ESA Nationals - 22 Trophies, incl. 4 first places (Team of Steve Trussell, Carl Booth and Russell Smith gain 3rd place in Kumite)
WLKA Competition - 55 enter.


Northern Open Classic Karate Championships - 3 trophies.
ESA National Championships - 11 trophies won. (Team of Rob Willis, Adam Lennon and Ian Gillis gain 2nd place in Kumite)


ESA Nationals - 10 Trophies (Team of Rob Willis, Adam Lennon and Ian Gillis gain 3rd place in Kumite)


Northern Area Open Kyu Grade Tournament - 13 trophies.
Northern Area Open Championships - 1 trophy.
ESA Nationals - 19 trophies.(Team of Dave Tarjomi, Mark Wallwork and Ian Coleman gain 3rd place in Kumite)
BKA Open Championships - 2 trophies,(Steve Trussell wins Kata title)


ESA National Championships - 16 trophies (Team of Dave Tarjomi, Dave Gregory and Andy Sharrock win 3rd place in Kumite)


ESA Nationals - 15 Trophies (Team of Rob Willis, Gordon Galley and Lyndon Foster gain 3rd place in Kumite)


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